Our Dosing Process at Rilaxe

Our Dosing Process at Rilaxe

At Rilaxe, we love what we do, we love our products and we take great pride in the experiences they can enhance for you.

Creating our THC-infused Dried Fruit Collection involves many details to ensure every Rilaxe experience is a quality one.

For every piece of THC-infused delicious dried fruit you enjoy, we have a system in place to ensure it is just right. Here’s a peek into the process!

It all starts with the fruit.


Mango Tango

Our Mango Tango uses a variety of mangoes (Ataulfo, Haden, Kent & Keitt), sourced sustainably from Mexico.


Verry Cherry

Our Very Cherry are made from cherries that are properly ripened and have been de-stemmed and de-pitted.


Golden Apricots

Our Golden Apricots are sourced sustainably from Turkey and are free from artificial flavouring and sulphur dioxide.


Canna Banana

Our Canna Banana uses properly selected, mature and green saba bananas, and we pre-sort prior to dosing to ensure that every bag has a round banana chip.

For the dosing, we use special proprietary equipment that can dose as low as 1/1000 of a fraction of a millimeter. All of our dried fruits are hand-dosed individually to ensure a perfectly consistent dose every time.

Dried fruits already contain natural fats, which allows the THC distillate to absorb directly onto the fruit and making it homogenous. We use a locally sourced solvent distillate which is flavourless and odorless. This ensures you only taste real fruit and delicate terpenes when you enjoy our dried fruit.

Each fruit has their own curing process, ranging from a day to a week. That time is necessary for quality control.

The final step is our wonderful production team who hand packs our THC-infused dried fruit into sustainable packaging that’s reusable and recyclable.

All this extra attention to quality is 100% necessary to ensure our conscious alternative to edibles is so satisfying each and every time you choose to #RelaxWithRilaxe.

If you have any questions about our dosing process, please say hello at [email protected].