What are Terpenes and How do they affect us when using THC?

What are Terpenes – How do they affect us when using THC?

Terpenes are organic compounds found in fruits, vegetables and plants that give aroma and flavour. Its unique and distinctive scents may help modify and/or alter your experience when ingested with THC.

A live plant will naturally have terpenes but when a plant is being dried – in terms of cannabis production for example – the terpenes then oxidizes and eventually become terpenoids. Both terpenes and terpenoids may alter or modify your experience when ingested, especially with THC, while they both affect us differently to a certain degree. 

There are different types of terpenes and they all have individual characteristics that produce an array of effects that may help elevate your high, whether it be smoking cannabis or having cannabis edibles. 

Terpenes found in our dried fruits for example are: 


A very common terpene found in most cultivars. It has an aromatic earthy tone with subtle notes of musk. Naturally found in our mango tango, it may also enhance your cannabis edible experience by delivering a more lethargic effect to the entire body. 

+ Lethargic
+ Full Body Euphoria


Emits a peachy, citrus fragrance that can be found in the juicy delicate peels of the fruits. The natural properties of geraniol found in our golden apricots may offset a more crisp and euphoric effect.

+ Clear-headed
+ Unwind


An aromatic terpene that may remind you of your favourite stroll through the forest. As apparent from the name pinene, it can be savoured from our peels of our very cherry. This prominent terpene may help boost energy levels and heighten alertness.

+ Energetic/Vibrant
+ Alertiveness


It’s warm with a bite of spice. A dominant terpene found in our canna banana and it delivers a sultry and woody like aroma. It may help enhance your experience with THC by prompting a more calming and euphoric effect to the entire mind and body. 

+ Calming
+ Mind and Body Euphoria

Terpenes are as important as THC content and cannabinoids, they actually affect our endocannabinoid system just as much as THC and CBD. In fact, terpenes work indirectly with our receptors and interact synergistically with THC to affect the psychoactive area of our brain as well as the blood-barrier that changes chemical outputs. 


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