Concentrate Day 7/10

Celebrate 7/10

Happy 7/10!

You might have heard of 4/20 but what is 7/10?

7/10 focuses on highlighting cannabis in all its forms, particularly concentrates, oils and dabs.


Did you know that if you flip 7/10 upside down, 7/10 looks similar to the word ‘OIL”. 
At Rilaxe, our THC distillate is sourced from our fellow extractionists from Adastra Labs in Aldergrove, BC.
Our distillate is made from biomass with a high content of secondary cannabinoids and everything is lab tested for accuracy and free of pesticides, solvent free and free from harmful chemicals and toxins.
Normally, biomass refers to the stalks, stems and leaves of the cannabis. Leftover plant material can be transformed into sustainable products. In our case it’s used to make our THC distillate for our infusion process.
The biomass is then put through an ethanol closed loop extraction process which then creates crude cannabis oil. The cannabis crude oil is then winterized to help refine the oil and separating the fats, waxes, lipids and chlorophyll. Finally it’s put through a short path distillation process for that extra refinement and really isolating the THC and/or CBD.


What better way to celebrate 7/10 with some education on our extraction process.

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